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Sep 26, 2013

New Reasons Why Diet Plans Fail After a Time Period

 A research piece in the International Journal of Science claims, the nerve responses of the stomach of an obese person gets damaged, due to this reason the person under observation will never know when he gets full and does not stop eating.

That happens even where the said person returns to a normal diet, but the nervous response remains the same, that means, eating more to get that sense of fullness and feeling hungry all the time.

The research funded by National Health and Medical Research Council is published in International Journal on Obesity.

New Reasons Why Diet Plans Fail After a Time Period 

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Sep 24, 2013

Pakistan hit by 7.7 Eathquake

 Latest news is Pakistan is hit by a magitude 7.7 Earthquake on Tuesday. At least two people are reportedly dead. U.S. Geological Survey issues red alert. Telecommunications are reported to be down in the area. Reports of large scale house collapse. Epicenter is located in South West of Pakistan in Baluchistan.

Paksitan hit by 7.7 Earthquake 
Tremors felt in New Delhi 

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Sep 22, 2013

Angela Merkel Wins Germany elections to form coalition government

Angela Merkels' centre-right Christian Democratic party has shown best performance in 23 years winning 42 % of votes in the elections contested on Sunday. This leaves her party for more negotiations with other party to form a coalition.

Merkels Party is just short of absolute majority 

SPD runners up in the elections with 23% of vote 
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Live First-Post updates on Kenya Mall attack

 The latest updates from the Kenya Mall attack.

Live First-Post updates on Kenya Mall Attack.

1. 59 people are confirmed dead.
2. 49 are still missing.
3. 2 Canadians among the dead three are injured.
4. Several Indians confirmed dead by Ministry of External Affairs(MEA) in India.
5. About 175 injured.
6. About 30 hostages still inside.

Germany goes to polls on Sunday

Polling has started in Germany on Sunday according to media reports.

Angela Merkel is tipped to win this election for third successive time.

Latest news from the polls show Chancellor Merkels coalition party is neck and neck with the opposition.

Latest polls show close German race.

Sep 13, 2013

In the Meantime

After a long unwanted break from blogging I browsed the web a while and found some blog directories missing, popular social networks like MyBlogLog missing and many voices missing from the discussion forums. I felt I was missing something.

But was happy to see some well known voices still out there with the same spirit and enthusiasm. Also the new bloggers making it to the world wide web. Blogger made huge developments to its platform offering more to its users.

I don't know how long I will keep posting, this is my first post on this new blog, I always wanted to have different blogs for different purposes. But during the initial years could only manage to write one. Hope fully I will do justice.