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Sep 22, 2013

Angela Merkel Wins Germany elections to form coalition government

Angela Merkels' centre-right Christian Democratic party has shown best performance in 23 years winning 42 % of votes in the elections contested on Sunday. This leaves her party for more negotiations with other party to form a coalition.

Merkels Party is just short of absolute majority 

SPD runners up in the elections with 23% of vote 
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Sep 21, 2013

Germany heading for elections

Germany is heading for elections on 22nd September and opinion polls suggest Chancellor Angela Merkel will return to power, but her coalition partners are said to be lagging behind and Conservative Christian Democratic alliance(CDU-CSU) to which Ms Merkel belong may have to look for support from rival party Social Democrats(SPD) if they could not win the mandate on their own coalition partners.

Germany's elections are crucial for whole of the European Union(EU) and Eurozone stability.

Merkel concludes campaign trying to fend off Eurosceptic threat