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Jul 10, 2016

Milos Raonic needs something special to stop Murray from Wimbledon 2016 title

Todays match between Milos Raonic and Andy Murray is likely to be a tough match as both players have shown tremendous character to reach the finals at the 2016 edition of Men's Singles finals, the most coveted Tennis trophy in the career of any Tennis player in the world.

Given that Milos Raonic is playing is first grand slam final could make him to give his best, I think it will be close match.

Andy Murray on the other hand has grown in experience over the years and is in tremendous form and if at all he wins the title, then it will show, how he has matured over the years.

Speaking about Murray's game at this stage of career, it has grown tremendously over the years, he is serving big, making it count when it matters, and winning the break points consistently.

Raonic need to be wary as Murray won't let him breathe easy and has an impeccable style of play, he is never out of the game till the last point.

Murray has improved his accuracy in his shots, they are more penetrating the court and has wide reach of the court. So, something special is needed 



Dec 12, 2015

Historc Paris Climate Accord reached

In Paris delegates from hundreds of nations have approved landmark Climate accord. 

It is for the first time that such an agreement has been reached between participating members, earlier summit in Copenhagen collapsed owing to the mutual differences between two of the world's biggest Carbon Emission countries US and China. 

It is too early to say what the future holds for this accord, but the leaders have pledged to agree to follow the pact in letter and spirit.

As for now there are now no legal bindings on the member countries to present before any public authority any data related to emissions. 

But come 2020 the nations are legally bound to present the data to public authorities, thus creating a "name and shame" kind of policy to indicate the violators of pollution norms established by the just reached Paris Accord.

In the United States there is stiff opposition to the Climate politics where every Republican candidate have questioned the science of Climate Change and voiced opposition to the Climate Change policies of the Obama administration.

The Accord means a major shift from the existing business policies moving away from investments in Oil and Gas, Coal and other Fossil fuel based energies to clean energies like Solar, Wind and Nuclear Energy with zero carbon emission.
Nations approve landmark Climate accord in Paris - NYtimes 

Jan 7, 2015

French Satirical Magazine Charlie Hebdo offices reportedly attacked in Paris killing 12 people

Charlie Hebdo, the french Satirical Magazine office has been attacked by the gunmen in the heart of Paris, where gunmen were seen wielding automatic machine guns and shooting at security forces on the ground by videos that went viral through Instagram and Twitter

French President addressing media shortly after the attack described the attack as a terrorist attack and vowed to bring the perpetrators to justice. He described the attack not only on journalists but liberty.

Following the attack Paris has been put on high alert. Many countries have joined condemning the attack. 

Magazine office has been reported to be firebombed earlier in 2011 for publishing religion caricatures. Latest fatalities reported to be 12 people and several others critically injured.

Magazine's Editor-in-chief is reportedly killed in the attack.

 Les Echos
 Charlie Hebdo reporting by Le Monde
Attack on Charlie Hebdo - Le Point 

UPDATE : Friday Jan 09 2015

Paris Terror Suspects want 'martyr' death 

Paris terror suspects are reported to be holed up near Paris at Dammartin-en-Goele. Security forces are reported to be in talks with the suspects. There are possible hostages taken.

There are reports of another hostage situation in eastern Paris where a gunman has taken hostages in a Kosher market. Police have reportedly ordered closer of shops in an area little away from where the attacks are taking place.

French Security forces surround Charlie Hebdo suspects: 2nd Hostage Taking near east of Paris - In Depth report- NYTimes   

Earlier there were reports of attacks on Mosques and prayer halls as well as an explosion near a kebab shop. 

Police release images of assassins involved in east of Paris.

Two people are reportedly killed in this incident.

The two hostage incidents taking place today in and outside Paris are reportedly linked with each other. 

Two runways are reportedly has been shut down at Charlles-de-Gualle airport. aeroportsdeparis 

Some 80,000 police forces are reportedly deployed through out France in response to the attacks taking place in and around Paris. 

The media outlets in US have reportedly decided not to publish cartoons keeping in mind the sentiments ten's of millions of Muslims with exception of a few. 

Update : 

Explosions are heard at the site of Dammartin-en-Goele and reports of suspects being killed there.

Also several hostages being freed at the Kosher Market in east of Paris and the Hostage taker has been killed.

AFP: Killed Charlie Hebdo suspects came out firing on security forces.


Dec 28, 2014

Air Asia flight goes missing during flight

Air Asia flight QZ8501 from Surabaya - Indonesia to a Singaporean destination, goes missing over South-East Asian skies as it was carrying 162 people on board including 155 passengers and seven crew members.

Plane was located 6:16 local time

Search has been called off by Indonesian authorities in the night and will resume again in the morning.

Information is being sought by other Aircraft carriers in the region.

Several countries have started collaborating with Indonesia including Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and others.

Weather was reported to be turbulent in the area and change in flight plan was requested by the Aircraft.

There was no distress signal thereafter and the plane went off the radar,

For further details Emergency contact no : +622129850801

AirAsia flight carrying 162 people goes missing in Southeast Asia - officials -reuters

Twitter handle for Tony Fernandes - CEO Air Asia 

AirAsia flight QZ8501: Indonesia ends search for the day for plane lost in bad weather - See more at:
 Air Asia Flight QZ8501: Indonesia ends search for the day for plane lost in the bad weather - Straits Times

Live updates about the missing plane - Australian 
AirAsia flight QZ8501: Indonesia ends search for the day for plane lost in bad weather - See more at:

valleyz blog

Oct 6, 2013

Typhoon Fitow makes landfall on the east China coast.

Typhoon Fitow has made the landfall as reported in the media world wide, China earlier issued a red alert on Sunday, and evacuated thousands of people from vulnerable areas along the east coast of the country. Fishing vessels were recalled and an alert has been sounded all along the coast for the fisherman to not to venture into the sea.

The typhoon appears to have weakened after the landfall from the satellite images. There is still no clear picture about the impact.

Typhoon Fitow makes landfall in East China-Xinhua   
Latest Satellite pictures of the typhoon Fitowa from